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With our wealth of experience and knowledge, Arkansas offers no better hardwood flooring solution than Custom Hardwood Floors Inc. We have the means to cover all your hardwood flooring needs, from inspections of existing flooring to the installation of new or replacement flooring. We even perform refinishing jobs that'll quickly wipe away the years of wear and tear that stripped away your hardwood floor's once-glossy gleam.

Our Services

We've included many of the services we offer below, with a little information on what this service entails.

Hardwood Floor Inspection

As hardwood floors become more and more popular as years go by, hardwood floors are coming under a lot of scrutiny. This is because consumers expect more out of them due to the investment costs for their new floors. This is where Custom Hardwood Floors Inc. comes in. We can give consultations and written reports on any manufacturer or installation issues.

Hardwood Floor Installation Services

Give any room in your home or place of business a makeover with an installation of new hardwood floors. Custom Hardwood Floors Inc. are ready and waiting with the experience and equipment needed to install hardwood floors for any room.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Are your hardwood floors showing their age? Have you moved into a new home with worn down hardwood floors? Call Custom Hardwood Floors Inc. for our refinishing services, we can have those old hardwood floors looking like new in no time!

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If you are looking for a new hardwood floor installation or any other of our services, please give us a call today! We offer free estimates for our clients. You can reach our office, located in Beebe, Arkansas at (501) 882-9912.